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How to Make a fragrant path; Gardening.

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Get it right and a garden will not just be a feast for the eyes,

but a full-scale sensory experience.

The trick? Line your paths with low-growing fragrant plants such as


Their scented flowers and leaves will release their intoxicating

perfume when you brush past.


Dianthus Mrs Sinkins, Nepeta, clary sage and lemon balm are also

winners in the smelling stakes.

Crack of delight You can plant in the cracks between paving slabs.

Ground hugging, sweetly scented gold and silverleaved thyme is

forgiving when it comes to being stood on and will release its

refreshing fragrances when crushed. Be aware however that in June the

mauve-pink flowers will attract bees, so Spri nkler System Installation Fort Worth avoid walking around barefoot.

Apple and mint

Apple-fragrant chamomile Treneague, which is often used to create

an alternative lawn, is ideal for planting in gaps in paths. But it

should ideally be planted through a weed membrane which is top-dressed

with gravel to prevent excessive wear and tear.

The Corsican mint Mentha requienii will creep along the ground and

run through crevices Sprinkler System Installation Fort Worth releasing a minty waft. It thrives in damp shade,

like any other mint.


SOOTH insect bites and nettle stings by rubbing them with lemon

balm leaves.


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